The Playopolis Team has been hand crafted from the finest resources available.

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You’d have to be
mad to work here…

But aren’t all the best people?


Siblings, because someone thought going into business
with their sister was a good idea?!

Rebekah & Daniel


After starting and running a successful technology company Daniel & Rebekah wanted to do something a bit less digital and a lot more fun; and thus Playopolis was born in the summer of 2016.

Since then Rebekah has run the cafe with the help of the great team and the occasional butting in from Daniel. You’ll likely see Daniel with his Laptop drinking copious amounts of tea, and Rebekah doing some actual work.

Favourite Game for Daniel: Time Barons
Rebekah’s Favourite Game(s): 7 Wonders, When I Dream, Inis, Avalon

Manager. As in she has to manage the annoyance that is Daniel
while ensuring great customer service, oh and learning new games… busy busy busy!



Asya has a incredible fondness for all things Japanese so if you happen to see someone bobbing along to J-POP then you’re likely in the cafe with her. She is also cat mad, and even has a backpack for her cat, Orion.

Asya has been with Playopolis since day one, before we even opened and we’d be lost without her. People love her bubbly nature, but behind that she is a skilled no nonsense manager.

Favourite Game: Above and Below

Dan’s Sister-in-law, so she has to deal with Daniel both
professionally, and personally… poor lady.


Team Member

Charlotte joined the cafe casually at first doing some shifts when we had team members off sick but her dedicated nature and ever expanding board game knowledge means shes now a full time member of the team.

Charlotte loves to craft things, so if you’ve been to one of our events you’ve likely seen some of her crafty work!

Favourite Game: Carcassonne

Rhian is the perfect mixture of happy and fiery.
Though more fury when Dan is around.


Team Member

Rhian joined the team in May of 2017 and since then has been in invaluable member of the team. Always one to offer ideas and to equally shoot down Dan’s awful ideas.

Rhian loves Knitting and baking cakes… along with Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Favourite Game: Time Stories

Molly is such a friendly, easy going person
even when Dan’s around!


Team Member

Molly Joined the team in May of 2018 and has brought her unique brand of sunshine to the cafe. She’s a passionate artist and you can even buy her wonderful creations on her store Molly’s Makes

Molly also loves all things cute and small, especially animals!

Favourite Game: Sushi Go

Chloe is our newest team member, and has jumped
right into the madness and is fitting right in!


Team Member

Chloe has just joined us in January of 2019 but the team have already come to love her fun energetic nature. When not working Chloe enjoys bullet journaling and gaming.

Favourite Game: Epic Spell Wars