What is a board game café?

Playopolis seeks to re-ignite the lost ‘social’ element of the café by combining café food and table service with a library of board, card and party games. It’s a great place for families and friends to have a meal, a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) and a great time together.

How much does it cost?

The cover charge is £3.50 per person, this covers you for up to three hours of gaming and is payable on exit. If you choose not to eat or drink at all during your stay, the cover charge is £5.00. There are no other costs beyond any food and drink you choose to purchase which will be placed on your tab.

Can I play as many games as I want?

Yes! Your cover charge gives you three hours of using our library, it’s not based on type or amount of games. We do ask that you don’t pick up too many games at once so that other customers still have the choice to play.

Why do you charge more if I don’t eat or drink?

Our business depends on people using Playopolis as a café and ordering food and drink when they visit. Our cover charge alone isn’t enough to support the business, so we ask for a little more from groups who don’t order to ensure we can keep Playopolis running and affordable for everyone.

What types of game do you have?

All types! We have around 550 (constantly changing) games in our library and we buy new games every week. Our library is designed to appeal to players of all ages and all experience levels, from children as young as two years old to the most hardcore of experiences, we’ve got something for you. We also have a custom arcade cabinet and a retro games console in our 14+ basement area.

Are children allowed in the Basement area?

While children are absolutely welcome in the café, our basement is reserved for customers aged 14 years and up. This lets families relax upstairs, safe in the knowledge that the more adult oriented games are being played far away from impressionable young minds. Similarly it provides a place where you can enjoy the less child friendly, or simply more in-depth, games in a quieter atmosphere.

Do you cater for allergies and auto-immune diseases?

We always try our very best. We know it’s hard to find somewhere to eat on a restricted diet as one of us has a daughter with Coeliac disease. If you know in advance that you’re coming in, then please get in touch with us before and we can source ingredients for you.

As we work in a very small kitchen, we can’t give an absolute guarantee on cross contamination, but our staff have been trained in the risks and we will always endeavour to do our best.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes! We accept cash and all major cards, including American Express.

Do you accept Monopoly money?

Can children come unattended?

Children over the age of 13 can visit Playopolis unattended.