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Have you got a game you want to promote?

We accept games into our library so that you can get our guests trying your game. It’s free to send us titles, and we’ll even promote the game on our Facebook page & in store to our customers. For the cost of shipping and the product itself you can have your title in front of thousands of people.

TL;Don’t want to read? - We’ll summarise at the top for you.

  • People buy more games if they visit board game cafés.

  • 70% of people have bought a game as a direct result of playing it in a café.

  • 60% of people report buying more games than they did before visiting cafés.

  • Playopolis receives over 20,000 guests per year and has 5,000 Facebook likes.

  • More stores planned in the coming months / years

  • Sending demo copies is a cheap way to market your game.

Getting your game into a board game café might sound like a scary idea as first – letting people play your game an unlimited number of times? For free?! The good news is that it's one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market your game to a broader audience.

Playopolis has always been dedicated to ensuring the market continues to grow and that the vastly talented board game creators out there receive as much income as possible. Our goal as a café is to bring modern-day board gaming to the masses and introduce families back to traditional games.

We already have some board game partners who supply the café with demo copies of titles and the feedback we've received to date has been excellent. When receiving a demo copy of a board game, we promote it on our Facebook page, which has over 5,000 likes and a high level of engagement.

Playopolis attendance in 2018 was 21,925 people. The UK’s largest board game expo was 21,698 in 2018.

Playopolis receives over 20,000 visits a year from a broad spectrum of demographics. We've always attempted to be inclusive and as a result, we've had guests from the age of 2 weeks to 90 years (literally).

We've recently surveyed our customers to understand their buying habits when visiting a board game café. The statistics speak for themselves (Sample size: 342)

Since visiting board game cafés do you feel you buy more or less board games?

Since visiting board game cafes do you feel you buy more or less board games?

Board game cafés provide people with more choices, chances to try out games - and in turn lead to more sales. Over 60% of our customers reported buying MORE games as a direct result of visiting a board game café.

Have you ever bought a game after playing it at ANY board game café?

Our customers use board game cafés not as a way to avoid buying games for themselves, but rather to try new games and as a physical store front where they can browse before buying. Over 70% of our customers have bought a board game as a direct result of visiting a board game café.

Have you ever been to a board game cafe with the sole purpose of trying a game before buyign?

Roughly how many games do you buy a year



We welcome early copies of your crowd funding board game. If sent a game currently or about to be in kickstarter then we will endevor to post about it as soon as possible. Feel free to include leaflets about your game that we will present in store.

How to send your copy

Want to speak to us first? Contact us at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Want to skip the talking to us bit? Don’t worry - we won’t be offended. You can send copies to

Playopolis, 2 Star Hill
Rochester, Kent,

Some notes

  • We do rent out copies of board games. If you wish to exclude your game from rental please place a note in the box or send us an email beforehand. Be aware however rentals DO increase game sales.

  • We can not send back copies of the game once it’s in our library. Once sent to us the game copy becomes our ‘property’ for all legal purpose. This is both for our insurance reasons, and because managing lots of titles and distubutors would be a burden on the store. This means if the game becomes unplayable due to condition we will withdraw it from the library. In these cases we endevor to contact you beforehand.

  • You may at any time ask for the withdrawal of the title from the library. We will endevor to do our best to comply.